Age is inevitable, ill health with age is not

Health with Age: build your mental, immune & physical resilience. 

Perhaps you have a known family history of an ageing disease, and want to avoid it?

Let me help you. I am a registered Functional Nutritional Therapist and NLP Health Coach who works alongside you to provide personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on your needs.

Programmes are designed to promote physiological balance allowing your body to naturally heal itself and build resilience. 


Let's collaborate to gain control of your health

Meet Venetia

Venetia is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and a certified NLP Practitioner with an MSc in Personalised Nutrition, along with a BSc in Physiological Sciences.


Venetia's training is based on the functional medicine model to tailor dietary and lifestyle recommendations, using an evidence-based, personalised approach to optimise health and build resilience.  Venetia believes in providing a holistic and scientific approach to healthcare, based on personal goals.

Venetia believes in a team-based approach with the full collaboration of the client and other health professionals to give the best personalised protocol for optimum health. 

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How Can I Help?

Private One-to-One

Optimise your Health

Build Immune Resilience, 
Energy | Improve your Healthspan

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Neurological Support

Mental Health | Prevention and
Management of Neurological Disorders



Biomedical Practitioner

at BeBright (part of The Key Clinic)

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Nutritionist & Research Assistant


at Greenland Medical

at The Sourdough Club


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